Monday, November 28, 2005

Saddam's Trial

Was at work this morning when someone asked me out of the blue: at what hour will the trial be? I was like huh? what trial? Then I suddenly remembered that we are trying our former dictator in court and that the second session was today.

At first I was disinterested and tried to focus on my work but then we heard someone screaming on tv and we all jumped up to see what was going on. The bailiff was shouting for the defendants to enter the court room. The tv anchor mentioned that 2 foreign lawyers were attending the proceedings this time. Two former justice ministers, the American Ramzi al Clark and the Qatari Najeeb al Ni'aimi.

I went back to work for a while so I missed a few details. I was expecting to finish as fast as possible so I could watch the rest of the trial. The other girls and guys at work were reading their horoscopes in the newspaper. Obviously no one was that interested in what was going on tv.

The taxi driver that drived me home gave me a speech. I don't know why I always end up with taxi drivers who want to talk politics when it's mostly the last thing on my mind. "What had they expected him to do? I mean even if Jafari or Talabani almost got assassinated at some small town, how do you think they would respond?" he was almost talking to himself, and I was nodding silently while watching the hundreds upon hundreds of election posters on the walls.

"Look what they did to Falluja. It was razed to the ground because of four Americans. Will someone put Bush or Allawi in court for that one day? People keep repeating the same mistakes."

I don't know why but Bob Dylan's song The Times They Are A-Changin' came to my mind.

Many Iraqis are impatient and think this trial is a farce. The Kurdish judge has been called all kinds of names on the street because they think he looked like he was almost taking orders from Saddam. Others think he is being too lenient. I do think it was an embarrassing moment when Saddam mentioned the American soldiers guarding the court room and then transmission was cut for a few moments. Censors at work :)

It's such a mess, but if you ask Iraqis you would probably get one of the following reactions:

  • The country is going the right way and this fair trial is just another step forward. Hail democracy!
  • I don't give a fuck about Saddam, just give me a job already.
  • Saddam is a lion and a hero. Did you see how he looked so strong and defiant?
  • This whole trial is a tool of the occupation.
  • It's all political and the Americans and Israelis are running the show.
  • It's all political and the Iranians and their stooges are running the show.
  • Saddam killed three of my sons. Cut the bullshit and hang the criminal!
  • Saddam is god.
  • What's the electricity schedule today?
  • Hey! It only takes 3 hours at the --- gas station to fill up your car. Let's go there.
  • I don't know man. I'm hungry, let's go eat some felafel or something.
  • Saddam should pay for the blood of all the Shi'i martyrs he shed.
  • I hate Sunnis. Why do they love Saddam so much?
  • I hate Shia. Why do they hate Saddam so much?
  • I hate Kurds. Why did the judge have to be one.
  • I hate Americans. Bush is a war criminal and he should be the one who get's tried.
  • Saddam hated Shia. He should be executed for that. Anyone who hates us should be tortured and executed in the most horrible way.
  • It's all Saddam's fault. He should have wiped out the Shia from Iraq. Wiping out the Kurds wouldn't hurt either. They're all traitors.
  • *yawn*
  • variations of the above.

Another irony was the fact that one town was demonstrating calling for Saddam to be executed and another was demonstrating calling for his release. That's just how divided we are today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A county divided just like the Blue states vs the Red states in America :( Looks like our work is about done there so send our troops home. Really worried that a full fleged civil war is coming for Iraq reguardless of what the US does and that we may be the cause of it.

L in Texas

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You apparently live in a different Iraq then most of the other Iraqi bloggers!

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must not be listening to American news or the BBC. Everything is fine in Iraq. Everything is going exactly to plan.

1:28 PM  
Blogger naxshkar said...

من دانا نزار .....رأيت اسمي في صفحتك
ارجو ان تراسلني على الايميل

4:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!
» » »

10:48 PM  
Anonymous  said...

The people of Iraq seem to forget the useless trade center bombing...
We are supposed to sit here and say,
"o look we are being terorrized. How nice"?????
Maybe your country should be angered at your leaders rather than the Americans...
Altho I must say that the "ongoing" force in Iraq is pointless...
Make your point and go is what I think...
I love the U.S.A but boy o boy were we completely fucked when we got the asshole president we have today...
Im glad the election is only 4mths away..
I am saddened to hear of women and children in Iraq being murdered, but then again it makes me feel even worse when i watched live on my tv at home at 16 yrs old 2,000 people being kileed in front of me for no reason than stupidity and hate..
Far trade if you ask me...
There was a day care center in one of those buildings..
THAT makes me sad...
So yes we Americans may have corrupt democracy, but we also know the differance between retaliation and an act of pure hate...
Altho telling the difference between is sure hard these days..
Not trying to rain on your blog parade and you seem to have alot of common sense most do not...
Stay safe and hope all is well.....
And remember that this cant last for much longer...
I pray it dosent or neither of us will have much of a home left...

5:06 PM  

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